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Dec 4, 2012 6:00pm PST
. >> now, a founder final john mcafee surface 6. >>> silicon valley millionaire john mcafee is now in guatemala where he plans to ask for asylum. his lawyer revealed he's crossed into guatemala from belize where he's waned for questioning in the murder of his neighbor. he continues to be in contact with the media by phone and through e mail and blog posts. >> the fish and game department is carrying out a necropsy on two mountain lion cubs over the weekend. the shaefrs office responded to a report of a lion in the 800 block of the area on friday. fish and game tried to move the cub buzz they were back on the streets the next day. at that point the wardens felt they had to shoot them out of concern for public safety. >> san jose city council voted today to allow airports staff to shoot blank and live ammunition at birds that pose a hazard to planes. the vote changes an ordinance allowing only police too discharge firearms there have been 118 reported bird strikes at san jose international airport alone. birds can cause damage when they hit planes particularly if they get into the en
Dec 12, 2012 6:00pm PST
fr a motive. >> mark, thank you. >> antivirus software millionaire john mcafee arrived in miami aboard an american airlines flight. guatemala. he fought extradition to belize, authorities want to question him about a neighbor's murder. u.s. officials not saying whether he will be questioned or detained in the u.s. theysy there is no active arrest warrant that would justify taking mcafee into custody. >> the federal reserve sent its clear signal it's serious about getting u.s. economy back on track. for the first time in its history setting targets for inflation and unemployment saying it would keep rates at low levels until the job jobless rate goes below 6.5%. right now at 7.7% to. keep rates low, fed says it would, will continue to spend $85 billion every month, to help stimulate the economy that. would wo bring investment total to $4 trillion by the end of e year. >> on wall street, the dow jones shot up 69 points after the feds decision but fell back down to close the day with a loss. >> in the house, bay area congress woman lynn woolsy said goodbye to washington today after
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2